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Chaffey College Welcomes Inland Empire United Way’s Emerging Leaders

Chaffey College Welcomes Inland Empire United Way’s Emerging Leaders

Chaffey College Students Learn to Network with Guidance from Business Leaders

Rancho Cucamonga, CA—May 4, 2018:  As Chaffey College student Christina Rosales walked into the Emerging Leaders Networking event on May 3, she glanced around nervously. It was her first time at this kind of event and she was the first to arrive. Her professor, Sae Lee, encouraged her to mingle with the professionals who had volunteered to coach students on their networking skills. Christina slowly walked over to a table where she was welcomed warmly. Within half an hour, the space was filled with dozens of students ready to learn the ins and outs of networking.

“You have to be willing to step through the door of an event like this, even though it is challenging,” said Brian Dalton of Boeing. “You’re always going to meet people who can help you, if you’re willing to take that first step.” Brian and professionals from Target, Inland Empire United Way, UPS and Punchbowl Social rotated tables to provide students with information and advice on how to make successful connections during networking events. Each twenty-minute round consisted of students perfecting elevator pitches, business professionals sharing feedback and encouraging words, and several opportunities for students to connect with people in their field of interest.

By their second round of conversation, students had grown comfortable and the sound of people chatting filled the room. “I was not interested in a job at Boeing, but when I shared my interest in working at Disneyland Brian mentioned a contact that he had. I got his card and we’re going to stay in touch,” said Christina Rosales as she excitedly showed the card that she had received.

Emerging Leaders includes men and women under the age of 40 who donate $250-$1,000 annually to United Way. Members access various benefits including exclusive networking opportunities, professional development tools and resources, and unique volunteer opportunities.

 To get involved with the Emerging Leaders program or to volunteer with IEUW, visit

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