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Living United: Lynda Will

Living United: Lynda Will

Live United: Lynda Will

Lynda Will is a familiar face at Inland Empire United Way. She stops in several times each month, bringing dozens of UPS employees to volunteer for programs such as Kids Pack and School Tools. As Lynda walks through IEUW’s Rancho Cucamonga office, she chats with staff members like old friends and takes time to make everyone around her feel welcomed.

“I started at UPS 32 years ago,” begins Lynda, “and UPS connected me with IEUW leaders over twenty years ago. Since then, I’ve supported IEUW as they’ve grown and continue to work with IEUW because I have gotten to meet the people who benefit from the programs. They’re good people, moms whose kids need clothes, shoes, and lunches. It’s beautiful to hear how deeply affected these women are and how much these programs have changed their lives.”

Bringing Hope to Those in Need

Linda Will at School ToolsLynda’s commitment to IEUW is part of a larger mission to create better conditions for people who need assistance. “I grew up in a home with a single mom who struggled to make ends meet. Even after she married, my mother remained the only working parent.”

Lynda shakes her head when asked about the difficulties her family faced. “It was tough and I’m sure that I could’ve used a program like Kids Pack, but my mom was too proud to accept assistance. I’m just glad that I’m now in a position to help others,” she says, as a huge smile spreads across her face.

Living United Since Youth

Linda Will volunteering at a school makeover project

Lynda has actively volunteered and supported positive initiatives since high school. She has done everything from teach Sunday school and coach every sports team that her children have been in to walking for breast cancer awareness.

More recently, Lynda attended the fatal concert in Las Vegas that left 58 of her fellow concert-goers dead. After this event, she made a commitment to spread kindness through 58 selfless acts in remembrance of these victims. “I want the memory of those who lost their lives to live on. Small acts like paying for a stranger’s coffee or leaving a big tip go a long way to spread kindness to others.”

Lynda Will’s lasting impact on IEUW has spread to her fellow employees and community members. She Lives United by growing support and capacity to help even more people in Inland Empire. Her good-naturedness and warmth embodies her attitude to spread kindness wherever she goes. “I want to make sure that other people’s lives are enhanced when I leave. It’s my goal to leave a smile on everyone’s face when I walk away. That’s how I Live United.”

Volunteers and donors like Lynda are the lifeblood of IEUW. Click here to get involved with our programs and make the commitment to #LiveUnited.

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We have joined forces with United Way of the Inland Valleys to form Inland SoCal United Way!

We have joined forces with United Way of the Inland Valleys to form Inland SoCal United Way!