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Financial Accountability

IEUW is Serious About Fiscal Responsibility

Trusted. Effective. Local.

Inland Empire United Way is rigorous in how we spend the dollars entrusted to us and are proud of our program efficiency and that all dollars are used to benefit our local community! We are pleased to report that 88% of the total donations received by IEUW go directly toward the delivery of our local charitable programs.

The point is this: When you give money to IEUW, you can be sure that it’s going to help the families and children we serve in the Inland Empire.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Inland Empire United Way is audited annually by an independent outside source. The financial audit has resulted in a clean report every year since its establishment. Inland Empire United Way finances and programs are on file with the California State Attorney General.

Trusted. Local. Making a real difference in people's lives.

This year, 88% of Inland Empire United Way’s total operating expenses went directly to programs that help create new possibilities for our neighbors in the Inland Empire…from housing to health and education to employment.

  • 88% Directly to Programs
  • 12% Supporting Activities

OVER 350,000

helping local children in need

local children & adults
helped in time of need


IEUW builds effective nonprofits

in value contributed to
community causes

Sources of Revenue

  • Individuals
  • Government
  • Private & Corporate Foundations
  • Corporate Giving & Sponsorships
  • Services & Private Contracts

Current Financial and Legal Documents

For more information regarding Inland Empire United Way financial and legal documents or to request a copy of our most recent 990, please contact Brenda Roper at (909) 980-2857 ext. 225.

Historical Financial and Legal Documents

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