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Our Team

Working Together to Change The Future, One Person at a Time.

Inland Empire is EPIC

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence. Each day, it is both our privilege and responsibility to work together to create the greatest impact possible for individuals and families in the Inland Empire.


Shirli Driz
Interim President and CEO
909.980.2857 ext.204

Suzan Attaway
Office and Human Resources Manager
909.980.2857 ext.219

Amy Heuangthep
Senior Financial Specialist
909.980.2857 ext.252

Lorry Ortiz
A/P Coordinator
909.980.2857 ext.235

Cheryl Genung
Director of Information Technology
909.980.2857 ext.253

Resource Development

Mike Zulim
Our Promise Campaign Executive
909.980.2857 ext.251

Jacquelynn Espey
Marketing Manager
909.980.2857 ext.254

2-1-1 San Bernardino County

Gary Madden
211 Director
909.980.2857 ext.211

Jeannette Sepulveda
Operations Manager
909.980.2857 ext.247

Christopher Darbee
211 Operations Supervisor
909.980.2857 ext.220

Marisela Manzo
Housing Coordination Supervisor
909.980.2857 ext.230

Starlette Turner
Connect IE Lead
909.980.2857 ext.218

Angelina Hernandez
211 Reentry Specialist
909.980.2857 ext.206

Michelle Payne
211 Reentry Specialist

Xeneida Brown
Children & Family Specialist
909.980.2857 ext.212

Cynthia Torres
EPIC Quality Assurance Lead Coordinator
909.980.2857 ext.262

Martha Leyva
211 Employment Navigator
909.980.2857 ext.229

Leonard Ruiz
CES / Veteran Resource Specialist
909.980.2857 ext.40

Shirley Velador
HDAP Outreach Coordinator
909.980.2857 ext.42

Desert Communities Region

Randi Hunt
Desert Communities Development Manager

Marie Valenzuela
DC Program Coordinator,  Kids Pack

Community Programs

Lorraine Williams
909.980.2857 ext.203

Allie Westrup
Program Coordinator, Kids Pack
909.980.2857 ext.216

Mariel Tabino
Program Coordinator, School Tools
909.980.2857 ext.205

Alisa Lemke
AmeriCorps & Grants Supervisor
909.980.2857 ext.227

Crystal Lam
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
909.980.2857 ext.243

Jamie Hernandez
Logistics & Warehouse Coordinator

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