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United for Kids

Sponsor a Local Child

Will You Change a Child's Future?

Every child deserves the chance at a bright future. But for 1-in-4 children living in poverty in our community, your help is needed. Your tax-deductible donation of just $35 a month connects a local child with the support and tools needed for a better tomorrow.

Meeting the Need

Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly impact a local child’s life, and just might positively impact yours as well. United for Kids Sponsorship Provides:

School Supplies
Emergency Assistance
Individualized Family Support
Higher Education/Career Guidance
Mentoring and Educational Assistance
Sponsor a Child Product

When children find out that there is someone out there who has donated to help make their life better, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone in their community – someone who they’ve never met – cares means more than you can imagine.

Sponsor a Child Today

Prefer to Make a One-Time Donation?

Inland Empire United Way is completely focused on addressing the needs of our local community.

Every dollar counts as donations given local stay local and we are proud that an impressive 88% of every dollar is invested directly into program activities

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