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We need your help spreading the word about the needs of local kids and the many ways people in our community can make a difference. Share the statistics. Tell a story. Or just post or tweet how you plan to help a child in the Inland Empire. When you advocate, your single voice can influence many… and truly change the lives of those in our community. It’s easy, powerful, and anyone can help!

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Dear Friends,

I want to share an exciting project that I’ve learned about that is really important to kids in the Inland Empire. Something that you may or may not know is that 1 in 4 children live in poverty, thousands of students drop out of school each year, and almost half of all children in the Inland Empire are eligible for free or reduced school lunch. Clearly, these kids need our help!

That is why Inland Empire United Way launched the Challenge for Children. It is a challenge to help change the future for kids by giving them the tools and the hope to succeed in school and reach a self-sufficient future. United Way works toward this goal by operating and funding a variety of strong programs in our community. Kids who succeed in school, succeed in life. And low-income kids in our community need our help to make success a reality.

The great thing about the Challenge for Children is that anyone can help. Whether by giving your time, making a donation or just telling others, you can help to change the lives and futures of disadvantaged kids in the Inland Empire.

This is something that is important to me and I hope you will join me in checking it out by clicking the link below!

See you soon!