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Inland Empire United Way Launches A Volunteer Portal

Inland Empire United Way Launches A Volunteer Portal

[Rancho Cucamonga, California] – Local volunteerism is the power behind long-lasting change, and by introducing a new, dynamic online platform to our community, Inland Empire United Way’s ieVolunteers is the driving force for volunteer engagement, donations, and impacting change on our community. On October 11, nonprofits and other agencies in the area will begin posting their volunteer opportunities, special events, and corporate engagement activities online in hopes of increasing the variety of ways for locals to get involved. This mobile-friendly and web-based system, which is administrated by Inland Empire United Way, is called “The ieVolunteers Portal.”

Galaxy Digital, which hosts the new site, is a software company that supports volunteer centers and organizations across the country. Its products are designed to engage volunteers, give users an enjoyable experience, and make good things happen in communities of all sizes.

Inland Empire United Way’s ieVolunteers’ new platform will do more than just create matches among the service community and private citizens; it will also help to build lasting relationships.

Opportunities currently listed online include the Inland Empire United Way’s in-house programs. Users can go to to respond to these needs.

Responding to needs is easy and can change a life. Lorraine Williams, Director of Community Programs at Inland Empire United Way noted, “We are excited to launch this new software to help facilitate connections with our corporate partners, individual volunteers, and nonprofit Community Impact Partners to make real change here in the Inland Empire.”


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