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Helping Make College A Reality For Low-Income Students

Helping Make College a Reality for Low-Income Students

Friday’s Promise Scholars Card Writing Party connected college-educated community members with 5th graders in the Ontario-Montclair School District. Each volunteer answered questions from kids with heartfelt letters of encouragement. Chino Hills-based lawyer and Promise Scholars volunteer Joe Antonelli described his personal connection to this issue: “Some children lack the advice they need make important educational decisions. My parents didn’t go to college, but their guidance was instrumental to my college education. I want to share my experience and let kids know about the opportunities that college opens for them.”

“Many children in Inland Empire don’t have the chance to learn about the college experience. Their parents didn’t go to college and they have no one to talk to about college. I volunteered because these kids need encouragement to follow their dreams,” shared Promise Scholars volunteer Karla Salas. Inland Empire has one of California’s lowest rates of college-education, with just 18% of adults completing a college degree. Karla, along with other local volunteers, took the time to answer 5th graders questions about college at Friday’s Promise Scholars Card Writing Party. By exposing children to the importance of college early, Promise Scholars makes college a reality for lower-income kids who are often the first in their family to attend college.

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